Global agriculture analysis, with all its complexities, requires a depth of knowledge regarding production agriculture, policies, economics, culture, and trade flows. The advent of shipping technology has met with skyrocketing global demand to send agriculture trade soaring. Global meat and poultry exports topped US$86 billion in 2020, averaging 9% annual growth for the past 20 years. Global population is now rising around 78 million each year with an estimated 3 billion joining the global middle class from 2014 to 2030.

In this rapidly changing environment, Global AgriTrends seeks to provide clear, concise, timely, market intelligence. Our combined experience, databases, and global network allow us to quickly analyze and explain changing market conditions, policy disruptions, and forecast future trade flows.

Headlines are instantaneous and often out-run the truth. Our services provide context and expected market impacts behind the headlines.

The ability to manage global market risk and expand perspective of future expectations will define successful producers, exporters, and investors.

Get plugged into our world of global agriculture analysis.