How To Access Global AgriTrends Podcasts
(in 5 easy steps)

Step 1: (Apple iOS and Android)

Contact us and let us know you would like to have access to our up-to-date, informative Podcast covering the latest developments in (copy descriptions from home page). Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email as seen below. A URL as well as links to download the Podbean app will be included.

 To download the app, proceed as outlined below.

Step 2: Download the Podbean App at Apple Store or Google Play

Step 3: Login with Username and Password provided in Invitation Email

Scroll down to click on ‘Log In’ to enter the Username and Password provided (see red arrow).

Step 4: Once logged in, the Global AgriTrends Podcast will show up on your subscription list.

Simply click on the title to enter our Podcast

Step 5: You're there!

Click on any one of our episodes to hear the latest!